Straw Animal Bedding

Power Flame Straw Power Pellet - big bag

Power Flame
  • Weight per pallet: 1000 kg
  • Weight per package: 1000 kg
  • Max. pallets per truckload: 24
  • Full specification

Straw Power, a high-quality natural bedding made from compressed straw pellets, ensures optimal comfort for a variety of animals. This innovative alternative guarantees a soft, clean, and hygienic substrate without the use of chemicals, promoting the well-being of your animals. From horse boxes to rabbit farms, Straw Power's versatile applications simplify cleaning and contribute to environmental sustainability. Choose StrawPower for a revolutionary bedding solution that prioritizes the health and satisfaction of your animals while easing your daily workload.

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Power Flame StrawPower is a high-quality natural bedding made from straw subjected to the same compression as regular fuel pellets. It is ideal for a wide variety of animals, providing them with the highest level of comfort and care. This innovative alternative to traditional straw has a number of benefits for both farmers and animals.

Our bedding guarantees a soft, clean and hygienic substrate for your animals. The pellets are carefully manufactured from pure raw material, without the use of any chemicals, making them completely safe for the health of your animals.

The advantages of Power Flame StrawPower as a pet bedding are undeniable. Firstly, our soft pellets make it comfortable for your animals to lie down and move around, which benefits their welfare. In addition, thanks to their compact structure, they enable quick and hygienic cleaning. Keeping their enclosures clean becomes much easier. Once the pellets have been used up, they can easily be used as a natural fertiliser for plants or agricultural crops.

By choosing Power Flame StrawPower, you are investing in the health and satisfaction of your animals and making your daily work easier. Give your pets what they deserve - an environmentally friendly and comfortable substrate that takes care of them 24/7.


  • Horse boxes: Straw pellets are the ideal substrate for horse boxes. They provide a soft and comfortable ground on which horses can lie, rest and move with comfort.
  • Poultry cages: Farm animals such as chickens, ducks and turkeys also benefit from the advantages of using straw pellets as cage bedding. This makes it easier to keep the cages clean and the animals have better living conditions.
  • Rabbit farms: Rabbits need a soft substrate to prevent sores and irritation. Straw pellets are ideal for rabbit farms, providing a comfortable and hygienic ground for rabbits.
  • Pig pens: Pigs also benefit from the advantages of straw pellets as bedding in pens. Such bedding contributes to cleanliness and also minimizes the risk of sores and infections.
  • Small home animals: Straw pellets are ideal as bedding for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, mice or hamsters.
  • Shelters: Animal shelters can use straw pellets as bedding for dogs, cats and other animals that are waiting to be adopted. This gives them a comfortable and hygienic place to stay for the duration of their stay in the shelter.


We deliver our goods in accordance with European standards.

Weight 1000 kg

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Power Flame
Weight per pallet 1000 kg
Weight per package 1000 kg
Max. pallets per truckload 24
Pallet dimensions (length x width x height) big bag

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