Rockwool Toprock Super

Rockwool Toprock Super 0,37 / 100 mm - rock wool roll

  • Max. pallets per truckload: 12
  • Pallet dimensions (length x width x height): 120x200
  • Rolls per pallet: 35 rolls
  • Full specification

TOPROCK SUPER is a large-size insulation mat with excellent thermal and acoustic performance and very high density, in a reduced size roll. Designed for the protection of attics as thermal and acoustic insulation.

SKU: RW2100

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Thermal Conductivity:


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Rockwool Toprock Super

TOPROCK SUPER mat with its very high density, provides durability, thermal stability and very good acoustic comfort in the attic. The new handy packaging, in the form of slim roll with diameter of 400 mm in a new, stronger packaging thanks to which its storage on site and the installation itself are much more comfortable. Facilitates transport and work on site, especially in less accessible areas. Its parameters and very high density guarantee the best results of your work and investor satisfaction.

Technical parameters

  • Reaction to fire class - A1
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient - λD = 0,037 W/mK
  • Short-term water absorption - WS ≤ 1 kg/m²
  • Long-term water absorption - WL(P) ≤ 3 kg/m²
  • Water vapour diffusion resistance factor - MU1
  • Durability of reaction to fire as a function of heat, weathering, ageing/degradation - A1
  • Value of thermal conductivity as a function of ageing - λ = 0,037 W/mK
  • Standard - EN 13162:2012+A1:2015
  • CE certification - 1023-CPR-1208 P


  • Ventilated roofs
  • Ventilated attics
  • Wooden ceilings on joists
  • Wooden floors on joists
  • Suspended ceilings, e.g. over unheated rooms
  • Partition walls and light curtain walls
  • Loft insulation with roof membrane

Logistics and packaging

Rockwool Toprock Super
Dimensions 350 x 100 x 10 cm

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Rockwool
Max. pallets per truckload 12
Pallet dimensions (length x width x height) 120x200
Rolls per pallet 35 rolls