Profiles and attachments

Spring-loaded rotary hanger for CD-60 profiles

  • Pieces per package: 100 pieces
  • Pallet dimensions (length x width x height): in box (not pallet)
  • Full specification

The swivel hanger with a single self-locking connector is an indispensable component for installing profiles in lightweight construction systems: suspended ceilings, decorative ceilings and ceiling linings. It is made of resistant hot-dip galvanised steel - you can safely use it in plasterboard constructions.

SKU: BM1130

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Budmat - Rotary hanger with spring

The rotary hanger with spring is used for suspending the load-bearing structure of suspended ceilings – it connects the main profile to the mounting rod. It allows for stepless height adjustment of the suspension: using the hanger, precisely the spring to the anchor hanger, you can adjust the ceiling suspension height and adapt it to the type of planned installation. It works with a mounting rod with a diameter of 4 mm.

Technical parameters

  • Quantity: 100 pieces
  • Thickness: 0,8 mm
  • Material: galvanized steel sheet

The spacing and layout of the hangers depend on the weight and type of planned construction, e.g., for a total ceiling construction weight of up to 15 kg/m2, the spacing of the hangers should be about 1 m. The product is made from durable raw material that does not corrode when in contact with the acidic reaction of gypsum with a high degree of aggressiveness towards steel – it has been corrosion-protected with a layer of zinc.

Dimensions 12 x 6 x 0 cm

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Budmat
Pieces per package 100 pieces
Pallet dimensions (length x width x height) in box (not pallet)