2400x1200 mm

termPIR AL R-eco 20 mm (FIT) 2400x1200 mm - PIR insulation board

  • Max. pallets per truckload: 12
  • Boards per pallet: 120 boards
  • Boards per package: 24 boards
  • Full specification

TermPIR AL R-eco insulation boards consist of a thermal insulation core of rigid PIR foam made from recycled raw materials. The boards are protected on both sides by a layered gas-tight lining consisting of aluminum (AL), paper and polyethylene.


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Unbeatable solution for energy-efficient building!

The termPIR® AL R-eco Insulation Boards comprise of a PIR rigid foam thermal insulation core based on recycled materials. The boards are protected on both sides with a gas-tight lining layer composed of aluminium (AL R-eco), paper, and polyethylene.

Application options for PIR Insulation Boards termPIR® AL R-eco:

  • Pitched roofs (on the rafter system)
  • Pitched roofs (under rafter system)
  • Flat roofs and terraces (mechanically mounted)
  • Flat roofs and terraces (adhesive or glued systems)
  • External walls (triple layer)
  • Ceilings (between storeys)
  • Floors (on the ground)
  • Cellar walls (and foundations walls)

Key benefits of termPIR® AL R-eco Insulation Boards:

  • High level of thermal insulation - λD = 0,022 W/mk: All you need is a 140 mm plate (applies to the roof partition) to meet the technical conditions for 2021.
  • Hardness and damage resistance - σ10 = 150kPa: They do not distort during use. They are light - boards 120 mm thick weight only 3,6 kg/m.
  • Resistance to biological and chemical factors: You don't have to share the house with rodents and insects, or worry about fungi or mould.
  • Fire resistance: They don't keep the fire burning.
  • Easy assembly: You don't need a specialist for assembly.

Technical data

Technical data




Dimensions 240 x 120 x 2 cm

Technical specifications

Manufacturer termPIR
Max. pallets per truckload 12
Boards per pallet 120 boards
Boards per package 24 boards
Pallet dimensions (length x width x height) 240x120
Packages per pallet 5 packs